4 years

Commerce and Trade


What is trading?
A short, 4-minutes YouTube video film, near 6000 visits till now.

Commercial in 5 easy steps
John Bond, a famous ad man show five easy steps of creating successful commercials. Over 4500 visits till today.

Retail and wholesale
A short, 4 minutes´ YuTube video film by dr. Wyoming from 2012, emphasizing the essence of retail and wholesale activities.

Mr. Bean - Department Store
An entertaining, humorous video with Mr. Bean,
Over 6,6 million visits from 2010 till now.

Improve Your Sales Skills
A short video film with Brian Tracy, to learn the 7 key result areas that offers to increase your sales and income. Almost 6 000 visits since 2012.

What is M-commerce
A short description of this term, by help of drawing illustrations.

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