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Business process management


Business Process Management (BPM)
Video on BPM from IBM, a 15 minutes clear presentation on the essence and parts of business process management.

What is BPM?
A more than 1 hour long, interesting presentation on Business Process Management with clear process schemes.
Over 4 000 visits since October 2012.
Visitors may learn on BPM as a disciplined approach. We can see how to identify, design, execute, document, measure, monitor, and control business processes, in order to achieve consistent, targeted results, to reach strategic success.

The 8-step problem solving method at Toyota
A 10 minutes YouTube video from Gemba Academy shows a 8 step Practical Problem Solving methodology of Toyota company. This is a lean-thinking methodology developed by Toyota, in order to battle with its process management problems.
Gemba Academy offers you to access more than 230 Lean Enterprise Training videos at http://GembaAcademy.com as well.
Almost 100 000 visits since 2010.

Learn lean management
An embedded YouTube video of Gemba Academy explains the essence oflean management and Six sigma method. You may learn the 10 Commendments of lean manufacturing and Six Sigma in a 7 minutes´ video film.
Almost 63 000 visits

What is Six Sigma?
An aalmost 6 minutes´ presentation on the Six Sigma, which is a systematic way to solve problems as e.g. defects or deviation.
This method delivers tools for control charts of current performance, Pareto charts for defects, histograms for variation and, Ishikawa fishbone diagrams, to analyse roots of defects.
Almost 100 000 visits since 2010.

Animation on Six Sigma
A 3 minutes´ animated YouTube video from EMS Consulting Group on the key definitions of Six Sigma methodology.
Over 18 000 visits.

ISO 9000 document control
An embedded YouTube video of Gemba Academy explains the essence oflean management and Six sigma method. You may learn the 10 Commendments of lean manufacturing and Six Sigma in a 7 minutes´ video film.
Almost 63 000 visits

Enterprise Resource Planning - ERP
A video presentation on ERP from www.handsonERP.com, exlapining the key ERP modules by definitions and graphical schemes.
Over 2000 visits since June 2013.

What is SAP?
A 8 minutes´ interesting YouTube video presentation on the concept of ERP system. It explains the structure and functions of the SAP ERP.
Over 300 000 visits since 2011.

SAP - the company and its products
This 10 minutes´ presentation is without voice but gives a detailed description about tha SAP company, its products and their use.
Over 33 000 visits since the end of 2012.

Business Process Modeling - BPMN
A 45 minutes video on BPMN, with clear explanations.
Over 31 000 visits since 2011.

Workflow management
A 6 minutes YouTube video from Manuel Oliverez, explaining the essence of workflow management, with clear illustrations by animated graphics.
Almost 70 000 visits since

HID smart cards for enterprises
A clear and well explained lecture on HID Global Solutions cards from www.hidglobal.com. The HID cards and solutions for enterprises consist of physical access control and PC log-on security applications and products.

Business Process Reengineering - BPR
A new YouTube presentation on BPR which is a business management strategy, origined from 1990s, focusing on the complete rethinking of business processes. Its purpose is to dramatically improve customer service, cut operational costs, and win among competitors. BPR help companies with radically restructure their organizations starting with their business processes, being a set of logically related tasks performed to achieve a defined business outcome.
This is a synthesized speech reading of the Wikipedia article on BPR.
Original article available at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Business...
Almost 600 visits in 2013, a well explaining, understandable style.

Origin of Six Sigma methodology
An explained YouTube presentation on the history of Six Sigma. Its peaks about current leadership challenges and how Six Sigma helps with gaining success. We can listen to the financial successes achieved by Motorola and GE, and look into the data driven approach of established managerial decision making.
Over 4000 visits in 2013.

Essence and application of 5S in industry
In this video Ron Pereira, of GembaAcademy.com, explains what 5S is and, he speaks about the essence, referring to the the non-japanese origin of this application.
A ten minutes´ video film, with over 125 000 visits since 2009.

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